Re: The Blood-soaked Bible Belt

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Laurence Vance’s theory confirmed:

Writes CH-

“You are correct, Americans LOVE war. No group of Americans love it more than Evangelical Christians (I’m a Southern Baptist myself). I have had church members, good Christian people mind you, email me video’s of US snipers blowing “terrists” in half with .50 rifles. I have heard them cheer as they watched “shock and awe” on TV and talk about the M.O.A.B. like it was the newest sports car or something. I have quoted to them from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and they roll their eyes. It’s as if that is meant metaphorically not literally despite Jesus’ practicing exactly what he preached.

I’m pretty fed up with it. Stephanopoulos was right. But not because Ron Paul is a crank, but because Americans, particularly Christians, worship the government and are entertained by its wars. Anyone, like Paul who goes against their true faith will be ignored. America, like the prodigal son, will have to hit rock bottom before we find sanity again.”

4:04 pm on February 6, 2008