re: That Awful Obama

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The young twentysomething idiot Kirchick (who majored in “national security studies” at Yale) reminds me of so many of the Lincoln cultists who have spent their careers either ignoring or defending Lincoln’s micromanagement of the mass murder of 350,000 fellow citizens, including some 50,000 civilians, just to force their state governments back into federal taxpaying status. When confronted with the ugly facts of the purposeful killing of tens of thousands of American women and children, they tend to go berserk, become utterly filled with vile hatred, hysterical, nonsensical, while always posturing as though they occupy the moral high ground.

These same cultists admit that the precedents established by the Lincoln regime made such barbaric horrors as the bombing of Dresden, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, more likely. Killing women and children by the hundreds of thousands was a good thing, they say, because it established America’s “unique role in the world.” If you went to Yale you probably heard that a hundred times, at least.

7:35 am on March 24, 2008