Re: Teaching Kids about Voting

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Well, I followed through on my no-voting plan. Drove my 5 year old to the local polling station around 4pm. Very light crowd.

I signed in, and took him to the “booth”–not really a booth, just a little terminal with privacy wings on the side. Not a booth like I had in Pennsylvania where you close the curtain around you. After going through the options, I snapped a few shots of the screen and my kid (holding his “Don’t Vote–It Only Encourages Them” placard). I selected no choices, then hit “submit ballot”–it confirmed that I really wanted to submit a “Blank Ballot” and I did. The election judge guy saw my flash and came over, telling me it’s against federal law to take pix, so he’d have to ask me to delete the picture from my camera. I assured him it was just a picture of my handsome boy. He backed off. Yeah! Back off, state-monkey boy! And lower my taxes, while ye’re at it, too!

9:45 pm on November 4, 2008