re: Stephen Moore Not a Ron Paul Fan

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I saw Stephen Moore some time back on Bill Maher’s cable show, making the dumbest, lamest, defense of Dub-Yuh and the war in Iraq that I have seen yet. The rest of the guests were laughing their asses off at him as, I am sure, was amost everyone watching.

Wouldn’t you know it: Shortly thereafter I hear that Moore lands the job of editorial writer for the War Street Journal. He’s a sellout. He’d be fired in a minute if he gave any indication at all that he wasn’t in favor of the neocon agenda of invading and conquering the entire Middle East (except for Israel). That’s just the beginning of “National Greatness Conservatism,” of course.

He’s “no fan of Ron Paul’s” because Ron Paul stands for freedom. Stato Institute sellouts like Stephen Moore stand for what their neocon paymasters stand for: neo-fascism and imperialism. As necon “godfather” Irving Kristol has written, the only reason some of them support tax cuts and free enterprise is because they understand that it takes a lot of wealth to be Policeman of the World. Hence they employ useful puppets like Moore.

7:19 pm on October 10, 2007