Re: St. Louis Ron Paul Meetup

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The attendance at the St. Louis Ron Paul Meetup on Saturday surprised the organizer. He had called a meeting a month before and had only a few people sign up and basically no one showed up. This time there were over 30 people and one “to do” from the meeting was to look for larger accomodations for future meetings. People are excited and ready to work hard for Ron Paul! (The organizer notes that St. Louis was #35 (started May 9th) in the Ron Paul meetup groups… He just started one for nearby St. Charles and it is #263!)

As we went around introducing ourselves, was mentioned multiple times as the way people knew about Ron Paul and libertarian ideas. was also mentioned specifically by someone who said he knew of Ron Paul because of the Ron Paul audio/video there.

2:17 pm on June 11, 2007