re: SPLC

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Lew, the comical commie conspiracy theory nuts and racial racketeers at the Southern Poverty Law Center have only one purpose: to smear, libel, and defame any and all critics of out-of-conrol, unlimited governmental power. They are like all other totalitarian thugs, in other words. Their “intelligence reports” are a bundle of silly nonsense and contradictions. For example, they smear, libel, and defamed the Constitution Party and Oathkeepers for wanting to enforce the Constitution and its limits on state power, while at the same time also smearing, libeling, and defaming anarcho-capitalist critics of the Constitution who believe that it resulted in too much centralized governmental power. Their modus operandi is to pick out someone they don’t like, such as you, me, Ron Paul, or Judge Napolitano, and claim that he was once in the same room with someone who is rumored to have once made a politically-incorrect statement. Case closed. Bring these men before a firing squad.

8:34 am on December 18, 2012