Re: Spiritual Judo

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A reliable correspondent remarks that I was wrong to imply (in Spiritual Judo) that the priest scandals have only been about attacking Christianity. There are devout Catholics involved in these matters who desire to expose genuine abuses of power and the destruction of traditional church doctrines. I did indeed err not only in my interpretation of the priest scandals but in properly conveying my wife’s insight. Her point was that the contrast between the priest scandals and the success of The Passion conveys something like, “men sin, Christians and even religious leaders sin, but the Lord is still good and faithful and His Son is worthy.” She points out that was is remarkable about The Passion is that people are still attracted to Christianity, to Jesus, despite the failure and hypocrisy of some in the church. As Paul wrote, “Let God be true, and every man a liar.”

4:36 pm on April 14, 2004