Re: Southland: worst show on TV?

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Well, it may not be the worst show on TV:

says one reader who was reduced to watching the show during the night shift:

I got a wholly different impression of the show. About twenty minutes
in, I turned to my co-worker and said, “so, what is the point of this
show? That all cops are a**holes?” She chuckled and said “so far it
seems that way.”

So there you have it. My thanks to the reader for taking a bullet on that one.

And speaking of bullets, Southland did remind one other reader of a truly bad show, DEA:

In regards to Southland, I must assume you have never watched the SPIKE Network’s DEA. If you ever have a chance, please attempt to watch an episode.

It will blow your mind, and I mean, completely, dumbfounded. I almost find it hard to believe the DEA would be so brazen to even allow these activities to be seen. (Although, it doesn’t appear anyone cares)

As an example, recently an officer in full tactical gear, with his M4, body armor, and black ski mask states that this is all necessary because the bad guys have these super “teflon bullets” that can “penetrate any body armor”.

Wow! Quite a story.

The only problem; total nonsense. Completely made up.

Sounds scary though.

10:24 pm on April 20, 2009