It always comes down to nationalism for the Cons

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Note also that what drove Joe Wilson to his outburst wasn’t Obama’s support for robbing the taxpayers to pay for the horrendous healthcare plan. No, if Wilson is like most Republicans, he’s obviously fine with fleecing the taxpayers for any number of things from pointless wars to Bush’s prescription drug program. What drove Wilson over the edge was the issue of illegal aliens. You see, when you’re a Conservative or a Republican, socialism is fine as long as the money just goes to the right people. As long as those sub-human foreigners (excluding dictators we support) don’t see a dime, massive redistribution of wealth is perfectly fine with the Republicans, as the GOP has demonstrated about 10,000 times in the last decade.  The core of the Conservative movement is crazed nationalism, and certainly not freedom, and their efforts to offer alternatives to Obamaism through microscopically smaller budgets and slightly less thievery don’t exactly thrill.

For similar reasons, the conservatives are now going nuts over some rumor that Obama will fly the Chinese flag over the White House. The whole affair is too boring for me to even read an entire article on the matter, but I do know that the flag of the corrupt, bloated, and socialist state organization known as the US Government flies over that same building daily, so I couldn’t possibly care less that the flag of the corrupt, bloated, and socialist state known as the Chinese Government might be up on that flagpole for awhile.

11:23 pm on September 10, 2009