Re: Rothbard vs. Koch

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Lew, for those of us who have been around the block once or twice this story of Murray Rothbard versus Charles Koch is old news. But the fact that it appears in a hard leftist publication and is quite accurate is news. One of these days I’ll probably even buy the Koch biography, Sons of Wichitathis guy Schulman published.

Mother Jones magazine first attacked the Kochs, libertarians and the Cato Institute in May 1980 in Seducing the Left: The Third Party that Wants YOU, by Mark Paul, who was a disgruntled editor of Inquiry magazine.

I wonder if Charles and Liz still have that white polar bear rug in their Wichita mansion bedroom? It was very plush. I’m sure commie environmentalists would seethe with righteous indignation at the mere knowledge of its presence in Koch’s plutocratic palace.

5:51 pm on June 5, 2014