re: Ron Paul Smeared in The Atlantic Monthly

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One Mathew Yglesias (any relation to Julio?), writing in The Atlantic, apparently thinks of himself as a literary Clint Eastwood. The title of his article about Ron is “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” How original.

Like quite a few neocons who seen to explode with venomous hatred over any major political candidate who opposes unnecessary, offensive war and defends the American tradition of constitutional liberty, he pathetically tries to lable Ron a “white supremacist” just because a few dubious characters support Ron Paul’s unequivocal defense of civil liberties for all Americans.

But where was Mr. Yglesias the last time the venerable American Civil Liberties Union went to court to defend the right of KKK yahoos or Nazi skinhead creeps to march down some mainstreet? The ACLU does this to showcase its principled defense of free political speech, and good for them. This, however, does NOT mean that the ACLU lawyers APPROVE of Nazis, the KKK, or any of the other crackpot groups whose rights they defend.

One would think it would be unnecessary to explain this to a juvenile who has passed eighth-grade civics, let alone a bigshot Atlantic Monthly writer. Yglesias obviously believes that his Atlantic Monthly readers must answer “NO” to the question posed by that new TV show hosted by Jeff Foxworthy: “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”

3:03 pm on December 24, 2007