re: Ron Paul and the Volokh Kangaroo Court

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I’m very pleased to hear from GMU law professor David Bernstein that there is not a single racist or anti-Semite — not one — among the millions of Northern WASPs who have always been the backbone of the “mainstream” Republican Party, and who provide lots of support for his favorite candidate, Rudy “Benito” Giuliani. This perhaps explains why black people and Jews have been flocking by the millions to vote Republican in recent years. I suppose it also explains why Benito, McCain, and Romney didn’t even bother to show up at the GOP debate at Morgan State University here in Baltimore a few months ago. They must have figured that they had the black vote sewed up. Smart move. And everyone knows that most Jews are right-wing Republicans. Why, I’ve never even heard of a liberal Jewish intellectual. I’m sure Professor Bernstein hasn’t, either, being a professor and all.

Ron Paul did show up at Morgan State, and gave a stirring presentation on the importance of forcing the government to stick to its primary mission of guaranteeing the constitutonal rights of ALL people, regardless of race, religion and yes, Professor Bernstein, even sexual preference. (Bernstein swoons over Giuliani in his blog because of Benito’s rhetorical support of abortion and “gay rights”).

No politician in America is a more forceful and sincere supporter of constitutonal liberty than Ron Paul is. That would make him the exact opposite of a “fascist” or “Nazi,” which is how Bernstein describes his supporters.

3:51 pm on November 19, 2007