RE: Ron Paul: A Time Capsule of Principled Consistancy

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Charles: Not only is that Ron Paul interview the best, most concise explanation of the machinations by the Banksters who really control the world, but in the last five minutes of the interview Ron talks about the then-booming—but soon-to-be-crashing—Japan* vis-à-vis the United States in terms of economics. One just has to substitute the word “China” and he’s saying the EXACT SAME THINGS we say about the Chinese today vis-à-vis the United States.

Ron also confirms what you and I have known for years: Not only are our government and corporate elites involved in global drug trafficking, they also create anti-drug laws as a pretext for actually establishing monstrous money laundering/bank secrecy laws so that they can keep tabs on our personal wealth to make sure we’re not skipping out on paying our taxes to them to cover the interest on the phony money that they create out of thin air.

NOTE TO LRC READERS: Ron’s interview doesn’t start until 11 minutes into this one hour video.
*E.g., Ron mentions the cheap Japanese labor in comparison to the United States. Sound familiar?

8:18 am on August 6, 2009