Re: Robert Culp

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Last night, I was watching the tail-end of a decent political-corruption movie: “The Pelican Brief.”  Culp played the president.  While watching it, I remembered his earlier works and wondered if he was still living.  Today I heard on the news that he had died from a fall.

“I Spy” was a good series, with Culp and Bill Cosby making a believable duo. But I remember him, earlier, from one of the best sci-fi series ever on TV: “The Outer Limits.”  This program had some very solid anti-state themes to some of them, including one in which Culp had a computerized hand that he had to protect in order to save mankind (the details have become somewhat hazy, it being nearly fifty years since I first saw it).

Here’s the episode on youtube. (Thanks to Franklin Harris)

6:14 pm on March 24, 2010