Re: Re: Who Shot Down MH17?

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Thanks, Daniel. My current guess is also my initial guess, upon first hearing the news. It doesn’t depend on that article. That initial guess was based on the simplest plausible explanation. Who had been shooting down planes? The separatists. Was Ukraine shooting down planes? No. Is there a flow of people and arms traversing the Russian-Ukraine border? In all probability, yes. Its linkage to the Russian military and control by Moscow is unknown, however. But surely Putin is as capable of undercover transmission of arms and men as any big power. Is there video of a mobile missile system with some missing missiles? Yes. Was Ukraine targeting a civilian aircraft? Very unlikely. Would Ukraine jets have thought this was a Russian airplane? Unlikely, because there was air traffic control information. The main alternative hypothesis involving a Ukrainian shoot down involving fighter jets, 30 caliber machine gun fire and possibly an air-to-air missile, remains scientifically unverified. A jet exceeding its ceiling is possible although unlikely but it also would have seen that the airplane was a civilian aircraft if it used cannon on it. Also, before shooting down such an aircraft on purpose, there would have been communications from the aircraft to its superiors. The Ukraine shoot-down theory has many implausible barriers to overcome. The accidental separatist shoot-down theory has fewer such barriers and fits what the separatists have been doing for some time now, which is shooting down Ukrainian aircraft.

There is supposedly a report coming next week from those experts who arrived at the crash site. Prior crashes have been meticulously reconstructed by bringing the pieces back to a hangar. But even failing that, there are people in this world who can look at the wreckage on the spot and be able to tell us a great deal.

I’m not pleased that with all the apparatus of satellites that have been known and shown to take amazingly clear pictures of objects on the ground that neither the U.S. nor Russia has provided convincing evidence of what happened. Ukraine also has not provided evidence of where its missiles were or were not. It’s also a shame, given the seriousness of the sanctions being imposed, that the U.S. has not provided evidence of movements of arms and men across the border. But then the U.S. imposed very stiff sanctions on Iran without evidence of its having a nuclear bomb program and ignoring attempts by Iran to negotiate. We the people consistently get frozen out of the information loop by governments who much prefer to disseminate their own official versions to further their own psychopathic and dangerous games.

7:24 am on August 9, 2014