re: re: Our Men and Women in Uniform

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Writes a friend:

When I was an enlisted Marine many years ago, saying “Thank you” to another Marine in the course of his duties was usually met with the stock reply, “Don’t thank me. Uncle Sam thanks me on the 15th and 30th every month.” The 15th and 30th of the month are, or were, paydays. It was a refreshingly honest reply and also a bit subversive. I wonder if they still say this.

Best and keep up the good work. The Bloomberg coup is pretty wonderful. Back during Ron Paul’s presidential run, I got recruited by local Paulians to run in the primary in my district. The mainstream GOP establishment generally considered me a genially harmless eccentric except when I talked about the Fed. At those times, I was viewed as some sort of raving lunatic yammering about UFOs. It was obvious nobody had ever given even a second thought to this. It remains to be seen how this drama plays out, but everyone owes the LRC-Ron Paul nexus a huge debt for staying the course on this issue through years of very thin times, educating the public, and being the proximate cause of this becoming a now mainstream, major issue.

3:33 pm on April 1, 2011