re: re: Mushroom Clouds

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You are prescient, Butler.  This article in the Jerusalem Post announces that Sheldon Adelson says “the U.S. should drop an atomic bomb on Iran.”  If such a horror were ever to take place (after the billionaire Adelson bribes enough American politicians to do so), Adelson would well deserve the title of The Jewish Hitler.

So let’s dissect the Sheldon Adelson theory of foreign policy:  Iran does not threaten to harm anyone or anything in the U.S.  But the Israeli Likud Party does not like the Iranian government.  The Israelis, however, are too cowardly and too cheap to do anything about it.  Therefore, the U.S. government, not the Israeli government, should drop nuclear bombs on Iran, murdering hundreds of thousands if not millions, after which the Iranians and their allies will retaliate in whatever way they can in terrorizing Americans.  All of this is to be done in the name of American “national defense” and “American Exceptionalism.”

11:13 am on October 26, 2013