Re: Protestantism

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Charles, I don’t get insulted that easy. But you do make a good point. We all know about Henry VIII in England, but notice also where Scotland went wrong. Just today I read in Alison Weir’s Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley (Ballantine Books, 2003): “In December 1561, disappointed that Mary had not sent any representatives to the Catholic Council of Trent, Pope Pius IV intimated that he thought she would do little for the faith unless pressure was put upon her. That very month, she approved an Act of Parliament for financing the Protestant Kirk out of former Catholic revenues” (p. 47).

As an independent Baptist, I am in sympathy with, but not a part of the English or Scottish Reformations. I am also inclined to agree with something one of my readers wrote me: “It does seem that the combination of government + religion has caused more suffering and death than any other force in the universe.”

8:41 pm on January 27, 2006