Re: Politico Gloats

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Lew: Don’t these people at Politico recognize a self-contradictory article when they write one? The Romney forces (RNC) had “extended an early and diplomatic olive branch” to the Paul supporters? Did this include “Romney’s coterie of lawyers [who] skillfully used the rules” to make certain that legitimately-elected delegates from a number of states would not be seated, thus making it impossible for Ron to have his name placed in nomination? The “Romney campaign…bent over backward to show respect to the Paul forces?” (Interpretation: the RNC made every effort to keep Ron Paul from being heard or nominated at the convention while, at the same time, trying to make a show of “fairness” in the mistaken belief that the Paul supporters will later use their energies on behalf of Romney.)

The one positive consequence of all this make-believe “fair, open and honest” treatment of the Paulians — whose passion for peace and liberty was not going to get in the way of a Romney coronation — is that the GOP has put itself out of business. When will committed young men and women again look to the Republican establishment as a vehicle for making significant change? It remains a fiefdom to be monopolized by the opportunistic power-grabbers to whom peace and liberty are forms of entropy.

7:58 am on August 24, 2012