Re: “Political Correctness”

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Re this post, a reader writes:

I have some proposals for what to call statist “libertarians”:

“lapsed libertarians” as analogous to lapsed Baptists
“cigar store libertarians”

Better yet, you could call them what they really are and preserve the meaning of the term libertarian.

Another: “How about proto-conservatives” (respek’ to Jaime Purcell)

Alan Turnin: “My term for such “libertarians” is, in honor of the neo-“conservatives,” is to call them neo-“libertarians.” It seems a propos.”

“They’ve also come out of the closet calling themselves: ‘imperialist
.'” Respek to Matt Casselman.

“What about “illibertarian”? Implies “illiberal” and “ill.” Or “despotarian”?” Respek to Steve Lalanne.

9:41 am on February 18, 2005