Re: Planned Parenthood Touts Another Great Achievement

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Lew, when I read this about Planned Parenthood, I thought of two groups: Republicans and libertarians. Republicans, who claim to be pro-life, are responsible for funding Planned Parenthood. They have a majority in the House. How can any conservative say he voted Republican in the last election because the Republicans are pro-life? But I also thought of libertarians–thank God only some of them. I am thinking of libertarians like Tom Woods referred to in his recent article. Some of them no doubt would have no problem with a third of a million babies aborted in 2011. To them it would be a sign of progress and the freedom of women to engage in casual sex because they could easily take care of any “problem” that resulted. For those who haven’t read it, see my “Libertarianism and Abortion” article.

8:44 pm on January 9, 2013