re: Paging Declan McCullagh

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my post, including Declan from Cambodia, where he has been for 12 days. He’s found it a pretty libertarian society, which has recovered amazingly since the death of millions at the hands of the egalitarian Khmer Rouge. They not only killed all the Kulaks, but everyone who could speak a foreign language, had any advanced education, wore glasses, and could read numbers, noted Declan. I said it is hard to decide on the worst crime of the Nixon administration, but surely his secret bombing of Cambodia, and employment of CIA armies and other subversives to overthrow that peaceful, neutral monarchy had to be near the top. The US sought to bring the Khmer Rouge to power because they were bitter enemies of the Vietnamese, and therefore would further US aggression against Vietnam. That they were the craziest of Communists meant nothing to the realpolitickers. Nixon was no anomaly, of course, since the US  supported the Khmer Rouge in the UN and otherwise right through the Reagan administration, until they were overthrown.

7:49 am on July 10, 2009