Re: Not Sent Your Kids to the Government’s Wars?

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Lew, regarding your post on this crazed, “patriotic-guilt” piece:

If you didn’t sacrifice your children to die for the government-corporatocracy complex, then, of course, the least you can do is send the state your dough. This comes from a bunch of wealthy SOBs who feel guilty for not dying for the state. This quote from the article is rather telling:

Every successful business person in America “has enjoyed that success because of the sacrifice of someone else’s sons and daughters” in uniform, Garland said. The argument echoes a concern repeated often over the decade: War efforts have fallen on the shoulders of the few, while the lives of the many went largely unencumbered. Or as some troops have been fond of saying: “We went to war, America went to the mall.”

This quote is about more than just sacrificing our kids. It is about Americans and their choice to stay home and advance their careers, play golf, or go on with their life in spite of the government’s perpetual wars and placement of our brothers and sons in killing fields. We are all supposed to feel guilty for choosing peace and life vs physical deformity or murder?

Yeah – I didn’t get my immune system toppled by a host of dangerous vaccines required by the military, and I didn’t get half of my body parts blown off in some craphole. Well, I didn’t go to the mall either, but if the individual soldiers are willing to voluntarily enslave themselves for crappy benefits, a steady paycheck, and “to see the world,” then let them have at it. I’ll pass, thanks.

6:11 am on July 5, 2012