Re: Not Even an Honorable Mention?

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Laurence, Laurence … concerning your recent blog post, this “my favorite blogs” list is so lifeless and completely ignorable. The individual is mostly giving nods to his friends and social fraternity. It’s amusing how he points to the “polemical, pessimistic rants of so many other libertarian writers.” Meaning, anything that doesn’t fit into his own framework of preferences. That statement alone is a polemic. :oops:  He is also sticky on the point of liking only stuff with “a calm demeanor.” Though that can’t be defined, it’s clear that he doesn’t handle it well when a spade is called out as a spade. But then again, we all have our own personal preferences, and some people like to pretend that sunflowers are planted in the middle of a turd garden. But some of us prefer to point to the brown clumps hiding behind those yellow smileys.


6:57 pm on August 14, 2013