Re: Non-Toxic Ammo

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Lew: This anti-life mentality can also be traced back to the invention of the “neutron bomb,” a bomb that will only kill people, while keeping institutional assets (e.g., buildings, bridges, factories, rail lines, ports, etc.) intact. People are expendable and fungible; but buildings, etc., cost money and time to replace!

Who dreams up this stuff? Both industry and academia. Places such as the Lawrence Livermore Labs at the University of California (Berkeley) have been at work on such weapons for some time. It has long been a complaint of mine that scientists — such as those who worked on the Manhattan Project and later — should have understood what was implicit in their work. Those who say they are just doing “pure science” while creating tools of destruction for the state are a dehumanized bunch!

1:19 pm on May 11, 2011