re: Neocons Freaking Out

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Like Lew, I of course have noticed that the neocons are freaking out and becoming unglued (as usual) with a focus on trying to endlessly repeat the myths and superstitions about Lincoln while libeling those of us who have exposed them and their lies.  The reason for this is:  1) The neocons are in power, but they sense the that public, especially the younger generation, is catching on to their speaking lies to acquire power routine; 2) they understand that all state power ultimately lies in the majority of the public believing in a series of myths and superstitions about the benevolence and “exceptionalism” of the state, and the dangers and failures of private enterprise and the civil society; and 3) they also understand that, for many generations, the power of the American state has been based NOT on the U.S. Constitution but on Lincoln mythology.  If the majority of the public comes to understand how massively miseducated they have been about their own history, the legitimacy of the state — and of parasites like the neocons who profit from it – just may evaporate.  The public will finally come to understand that it is all just another criminal enterprise, albeit a very large one.

2:32 pm on June 18, 2013