Re: More Filth From Leviathan’s Inexhaustible Sewer

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Becky, suffice it to say that we’re both more than a little pessimistic about the current state of airport [in]security. Your post reminds me of a conversation I had with an acquaintance of mine who actually works in airport security. (As an aside, my airport is one of those where the security, while held to all the insane TSA rules, is provided by a private firm.)

My acquaintance and I chat each time I go through security, since pausing to get re-dressed gives me some time. During one such encounter, he noted how he often feels as if he is in a version of lock-down himself. Truly, this is a real-life reenactment of the Stanford Prison Experiment, in all its glory! Not only are we, the traveling public, subjected to amazing amounts of dishonor and disgrace, but those who take these actions against us are themselves captives of a sort. What positive outcome could possibly spring from such as scenario? (That’s rhetorical. The answer is, “None.”) That the opportunity to inflict indignity tends to preferentially attract those who enjoy it—as many often and accurately note—simply provides sauce for the goose.

I cannot wait for the next round of TSA sloganeering—probably due out next year or the year after…

When you don’t take off all your clothes and bend over, the terrorists win!

8:35 am on November 2, 2012