Re: Libertarians Support Ron Paul, Too

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I know, this really shouldn’t be news. But I’m glad that the LP types are pro-Paul, too. As Steve Gordon writes:

As expected, Ron Paul was the big winner in the survey we’ve been conducting – with a total of 1389 votes (69.62%) out of the 1995 people who responded to the survey. What’s interesting is that he got a slightly higher amount of votes from people who indicated they were members of the Libertarian Party than from the general libertarian community. Of the 1351 self-identified LP members, 976 (72.24%) chose Paul over the other candidates.

So the LPers like Paul. This is great and only sensible. In this day when many libertarians are frustrated with the Party of Principle for selling out its platform for the sweeties of moderation, I was wondering how the LP rank and file would respond to Paul, who has been unwilling to compromise on war as so many libertarians have. The poll results are promising. Most libertarians seem to see war as the pressing issue, as well. (Spending, the Fed and the war on our civil liberties are also seen as high priorities.)

4:27 pm on July 13, 2007