re: Leftists Still Nauseate

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Lies, Lies, and more Lies. Notice in the table the different tax brackets for the past 30 years and the individual Republican and Democratic administrations they correlate with.

During the Reagan years, the top bracket was lowered from @70% to 50%. But he also lowered the lowest bracket from 14% to 11%. In his second term, he lowered the top bracket to 28%. When Bush I (“no new taxes”) came in, he raised the lowest back up to 15%, but he eventually also raised the top to 31%. When the “Liberal,” “progressive,” Clinton took over, he kept the lowest (i.e., poorest laborers) bracket at 15%, but he raised the top from 31% to 39% (as he said he would).

Now here’s the kicker: Bush II (“Dumbya”) lowered the bottom rate from 15% to 10% (33% decline), yet only lowered the top bracket from 39.6% to 35% (@10% decline). In other words, while the lying Left claimed that Dumbya only gave the “rich” tax breaks, he actually lowered (percentage-wise) the lowest bracket by 3 times what he lowered the top bracket.

Of course, all tax is theft–but it’s interesting how the Establishment “right” and “left” shovel the lies out to the sheeple, and the sheeple accept them without even checking to see what is really true. (Sort of like making the sheeple believe that only Republicans voted for our criminal attacks–Oops, I mean “wars on terror”–on Iraq and Afghanistan.)

By the way, I found out from my tax attorney that Obamanable’s middle-class tax “cut” only amounts to about $400 a person. You really can fool all of the sheeple all of the time.

11:33 pm on April 14, 2009