Re: Killing Savages

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Laurence: We know how important the killing of “savages” was to the history of the United States. The savage Indians posed a threat to the “Manifest Destiny” that made America what it is today! And we know the Indians were savages: Whenever the cavalry tried to slaughter every man, woman, and child of them, the Indians fought back!

The modern generation of American cavalrymen are still on the hunt for savages, this time in other countries where their targets are busily . . . well, you know, minding their own business. These are what George Carlin referred to as “the brown people” that Americans love to kill off! I suspect that this professional sniper had seen one-too-many John Wayne films in his youth!

[NB: The usual foul language from Carlin]

11:01 am on February 3, 2012