re: Keeping Boobus Terrified

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Butler–If I’m in a crowded NYC subway car when the conductor makes that bogus “If you see anything suspicious” announcement, I always very seriously look around at the people standing next to me. They are startled at first. Then I make a sarcastic remark to them such as, “Okay, I guess none of you look suspicious to me.” Of course, they then laugh and realize that I am making fun of the scare tactic nonsense. It’s just another small seed I get to plant in people’s minds about the baloney of gunvernment.

Of course, all of the “global” scare tactics–failing banks, Islamic terrorism┬╣, “man-made” global warming–are just the lies spread by the One World Gunvernment folks to make the sheeple believe, “Well, I guess if we have a global problem, only a global solution–i.e., One World Gunvernment–can solve it.”
┬╣Islamic terrorism–sort of makes one wish for the good old days of the International Communist Conspiracy. I guess the One Worlders had to come up with some other (and longer-lasting) boogieman after the vast majority of the Communist countries ultimately fell.

1:17 pm on April 24, 2009