Re: iPhones

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I think it’s great that Apple is giving a rebate. But I can’t see how so many people can complain. They paid a price for something they wanted, and got it. If they were satisfied customers then, why not now? How was the iPhone made retroactively worth less to these people to have two months ago than it was two months ago? I mean, sure, they have a right to complain to companies they buy from as a general rule, and I suppose it has worked in this case. But I just don’t get it.

In fact, let’s say I bought it right when the price dropped. Can I complain, now, too? “Hey! I bought this thinking I was getting it for $200 less than the first people got it. I want a rebate too! You’ve lessened the value of our deal by reducing the price for others!” Bah.

10:45 am on September 14, 2007