re: Hurray for Cody Willard

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I love it, Lew. Just two weeks ago, Establishment puppet Jon Stewart showed up Sean Hannity doing the exact same thing to Obama: Hannity showed a clip of Obama making a denigrating remark about the United States in front of a European audience. Stewart ran the full clip (at 4:30) showing Obama also berating Europe for making denigrating remarks about the United States.

Two weeks later, Cody Willard shows Stewart pulling a “Hannity” on Willard himself. Perhaps Stewart will “rationalize” his action by saying that he was only pointing out the word “fascist” being overused, i.e., not the context in which it was being used. But I seriously doubt that that was Stewart’s intention–even if he were to try to claim that, after the fact.

5:27 pm on April 20, 2009