re: How Dare You Not Love Lincoln and His War

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Tom Woods does a great job today of smashing the regime boot-licking “libertarians” who are obsessed with hatred of Ron Paul and Ron Paulians.  Several emailers have sent me the bootlickers’ blogs over the past several weeks since they have once again begun claiming that those of us who criticize the Lincoln regime must secretly long for slavery.

This latest spurt of bootlicking by the D.C./Koch Foundation/Ron Paul-hating libertines who call themselves “libertarians” was apparently started by an obscure upstate New York college professor who no one has ever heard of besides his fellow bootlickers.  What set him off was a “golden opportunity” to kiss the ass (figuratively speaking) of one Rich Lowry, the editor of National Neocon Review, who has just published the zillionth hagiography of Lincoln.  No self-respecting regime libertarian (or “sweetie pie libertarian,” as Tom Woods calls them) could pass up an opportunity to kiss up to the editor of the neocon regime’s flagship tabloid.  The obscure professor declares that real libertarians should not criticize anything about the Lincoln regime, because their top priority should be for the Marxists who dominate academe to like them (the “regime libertarians).  It’s not to pursue the truth or advance freedom, but to make their own careers more secure.  The upstate New York nobody doesn’t actually make any arguments; he just quotes fellow bootlickers who are also unhappy with people like Tom Woods and myself who refuse to play the game of quoting Abe Lincoln to “justify” never-ending wars of conquest all over the globe .  Because of this, I respectfully submit to Tom Woods that we consider calling them “sweetie pie crybabies” instead of mere “sweetie pie libertarians.”

7:07 am on July 11, 2013