Re: How Dare the Pope?

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Lew, one small thing that oh so secular Daily Mail Online article concerning Pope John Paul II’s 1982 visit to England and the Queen neglected to touch upon was the inconvenient minor historical matter of the violent imposition of the Anglican Schism which rent the centuries old order and stability of Christendom, destroyed apostolic traditions and rituals of the Church, and viciously drove underground the devotion of the Roman Catholic faithful commoners during that bloody episode known as the Reformation. John Paul II was a keen student of history. He knew well that for centuries usurpers and schismatic descendants of the murderous Tudors have sat on that blood stained throne – overseeing on-going genocide and persecution; the seizure, deprivation, or expropriation of rights and titles to property of the people; all the while metastasizing its cancerous imperial aggrandizement throughout the British Isles, Ireland and the world at-large.

8:05 pm on August 24, 2014