Re: High-Traffic LRC ‘Far Right’?

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Lew, the blatant ignorance you note–mistaking (or being obtuse) about how a plumbline libertarian point-of-view is not far right–is something that both troubles and amuses me. People cannot be that pea-brained! One of my contacts on Facebook recently noted:

[So-and-So] has a friend that consistently labels him as a “NEOCON” even though he is a Voluntaryist (Anarchist): anti-war of agression, anti-drug war, anti-imperialist, anti-mercantilist, anti-religious bigotry, anti-racist, anti-sexist, and [he is] pro-personal responsibility and pro-Liberty. To me, this is all antithetical to being a “NEOCON”! But [he] just cannot disabuse her of the notion.

All one can do is shake his head. When callers-in to Bob Higgs’s wonderful interview on Book TV kept implying that he was a proponent of not only war, big government, the starvation of the poor, and slavery, but also, dogs and cats sleeping together, it shocked me. (To his immense credit, Bob just kept pointing out that his positions promoted peace, freedom, and personal responsibility!) Maybe after years of indoctrination and voting for bogus choices, people can’t recognize a difference? The mind reels.

With all due respect to conservatives, right-wingers, Neocons, etc. who might be fans of my modest musings, allow me to quote Frank Chodorov, “Anyone who calls me a conservative gets a punch in the nose.”

11:01 am on September 5, 2009