Re: Government Bomb Plots

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Michael: If a private person undertook such a “plot,” but called it off without carrying it out and then announced “I meant it only as a joke,” wouldn’t he face criminal prosecution nonetheless? Shouldn’t the FBI agents involved in this make-believe “plot” also be charged with a conspiracy to blow up a federal building? They were not only participants in the scheme, but its very instigators! This reminds me of the line teenage boys directed to one another in my youth: “Did you hear that Charlie saved a girl from sexual assault the other night?” “No, how did he do that?” “He quit chasing her!” Of course, if logic and factual integrity were regarded as important values today,  government officials who plotted and conducted wars would join other serial killers on the gallows; nitwits would cease plastering their cars with bumper stickers that read “support the war troops; and the lobotomized media might stop trying to find some meaningful distinction between Attila the Hun Obama and Genghis Khan Romney in their meaningless debacles “debates.”

8:29 am on October 18, 2012