Re: Gottfried on Getting Israel Right

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Paul Gottfried writes in regards to my posting of his article:

I am grateful that Steve has presented my real views on Israel, which are not at all hostile but have become intertwined with my profound contempt for Zionists. It is simply outrageous that the ADL, which passionately supports the ethnic identity of Israel, has begun to denounce those who oppose the giving of licenses to illegals in California as anti-Semites and rightwing extremists. For many Zionists, Western nation states have no right to exist or to take effective measures to resist immigration, including illegal immigration, from the Third World. What is seen as necessary for Jews, a national existence, is not to be granted to others. The attempt by some Zionists to blame “Christians” for the Holocaust to justify this double standard is equally despicable and, to quote what Joshua Muravchik once said about my essays, “should have no place in civil discourse.”

1:05 pm on November 5, 2003