Re: Global Warming

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Leaving aside, for the moment, that Global Warmingism is but a new secular religion – as is its sectarian form, Climate Changeism – and without having to remind the true believers in the new faith that the Earth has undergone numerous temperature variations and climate changes over the many millions of years of its existence, I must ask the question that I rarely hear asked (or answered): so what? Why should we care whether the Earth’s temperature might rise by one degree? Increased warmth would expand territories in which life could sustain itself (just as plate tectonics and continental drift did). Would life have been better off had the numerous ice ages been preserved in their lowered-temperature conditions?

Might we discover that – as James Lovelock, Lewis Thomas and others have suggested – that the planet, itself, is alive,  not just as a carrier of living things, but as a system that sustains and renews itself (e.g., volcanic activity) without the supervision of such sainted figures as Al Gore; that fluctuation and adaptation reflect the essence of life. The Warmingists  would like to take the Earth to a taxidermist and preserve its present features. Their religion is replete with “original sin’ (e.g., being human), an “apocalypse” (e.g., the destruction of the planet), and an ever-increasing body of “sins” (e.g., the use of plastic bags, driving SUVs, using natural resources, etc.), and a prayer that reads: “please suspend the laws of nature for my convenience.”

11:59 am on April 12, 2014