Re: Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Kochanacks

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Mr. Rockwell, if only it were mere beltway hijinks.

Professor Wenzel has mentioned several times Miss McArdle’s sin of referring to Dr. Paul as “crazy.” (Crazy like a fox, I say.) Well, of course. Miss McArdle is tasked with sagely nodding every time a respectable white moderate conservative male makes a thoroughly uninteresting, conventional, and ultimately trite point about late capitalism. She’s a stately well spoken hand maiden in service of corporate America. (Pace, traditionalists. Feminism never captured the Eastern Establishment.)

Respectability is the core of Miss McArdle’s character. From that, all else derives.

When the predictable storm of eccentrics, intellectuals, and bohemians attacked Miss McArdle in response to her comments, her partner in jocularity is The Atlantic’s national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg. For Mr. Goldberg is no mere correspondent. He’s a war propagandist who began his adult life with a stint as a prison guard for the Israeli Defense Forces. Goldberg participated in a brutal, internationally-condemned occupation.

What a knee slapper!! That’s hilarious. That’s who Miss McArdle believes is sane, respectable company.

8:36 pm on December 23, 2010