Re: Gang of Armored Government Criminals Raid Raw Milk Seller. Again.

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In response to my recent post about the Fed’s SWAT-style raid of Rawesome Foods, a reader named Timothy Williams, who I have corresponded with over time, writes:


Thank you so much for blogging about the raid on Rawesome today.  My
family in particular is devastated.  My family buys (bought?) half our
groceries from Rawesome, including milk for my baby boy, who is not
even two years old and cannot tolerate processed milk.

You might remember me from a year ago; it was your blog that led me to
Mark’s Daily Apple, turning me from a lifelong fatty into a strong
athlete and paleo evangelist.  So you know I am highly sensitive to
the issue of food quality.  Rawesome was by far the best source for
food in our entire city and I am beside myself wondering what we will
do now.

I really would like to “step up and resist”, as you suggest.  Of
course I have long supported Ron Paul and freedom in general, with
rhetoric and resources.  But I am having trouble thinking of any
additional steps I can take that will not end with me getting arrested
and my family thrown to the wolves.  If you have any ideas, I hope you
will publicize them.

Timothy Williams
West Los Angeles

Timothy has sent me pictures of the “new Timothy” after adopting a real food lifestyle, and believe me, he could pose for a male edition (why isn’t there one?) of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for Women any day. I get so many emails from folks like Timothy who have turned their health and weight right-side-up after reading my blog and Lew’s blog, and yet, so many folks think we just preach to the choir. If you saw my emails each day, you’d say “not so.”

It just so happens that I am flying to L.A. for other business tomorrow morning, and I will be heading to Venice Beach at about noon for some sun and fun. I hope to stop by Rawesome and check out the protests that are scheduled for an 8am start. See the Weston A. Price Foundation press release regarding this case/event.

8:38 pm on August 3, 2011