Re: From Jonah’s Lips to God’s Ears

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Nick, I think the reason Romney dropped out so fast was that he saw the writing on the wall and saw no reason to campaign during the worst year for Republicans since Watergate. Unlike McCain, Romney is young enough to wait it out. Also, to win, Romney would need a fair amount of Northern support since many evangelicals literally hate Mormons, and this would cut into the GOP base in the South.

As far as Jonah and the unity ticket goes: Could Jonah spout any more cliches in that article of his? Does any principled person care anything about “partisan rancor?”

Experience has taught that any proposal that has great bipartisan appeal is likely an absolutely terrible idea that benefits the political class at the expense of everyone else. A good political system is designed to foster partisan rancor. Partisan rancor is what keeps many terrible bills form passing.

Denouncing partisan rancor is what spineless politicians and pundits do because they think that’s what the public wants to hear. And sadly, much of the public does want to hear that because many people mistakenly believe that “if we put our differences” aside, everyone will work together for “what is in the best interests of the country.”

Well, Jonah, just try defining what “is in the best interests of the country” and you’ll find out what “partisan rancor” is so important. Of course, Jonah’s unity ticket already knows what’s in the best interest of the country: endless war.

4:37 pm on May 23, 2008