Re: EPA and Ethanol

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The search for non-ethanol gas is a bit easier with this website, and there may be others. We actually plan trips around the location of real gas. It’s an example of the state’s embrace of the broken window fallacy. My chain saw muffler has holes in it — the guy who does our chainsaw repairs said it was ethanol-laced gas (we were forced to use it before our local Liberty gas station began offering 100% gas). He also said that his business (and orders for replacement parts) has jumped 10 fold in the past few years. It’s one more mundane way the state helps big corporate and environmental interests while destroying the wealth and productivity of the people (who heat with wood and drive old cars) who do not matter to the state (not yet, anyway!). When the science and the economics of ethanol is put forth, the EPA dances on and tells us to eat cake. Why, they are creating jobs for us ungrateful serfs! No wonder people are angry at the state.

6:50 am on January 22, 2011