Re: Don’t Confiscate My Walls

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Writes Tom Hughes:

“If you think the stores and businesses you frequent face too much regulation, you should know about all the red-tape for the business that might have imported that bag of chips you bought or the can of soda or juice you might have contemplated buying.

“When I was running an import business in CA I used to startle people with the revelation that I was regulated by 14 different agencies. The bureaucrats in D.C. must get too much vacation time, because their California counterparts are really working overtime. If you ever thought about following the relatively simple business model of importing a product and selling it to a store, meet your regulators:

“US Ag Dept. (inspections), FDA (inspections, information filing), Customs (import taxes, arrival notification), Homeland Security (inspection, fee, scanning), IRS (payroll, income taxes), CA Highway Patrol (truck i.d. number), CA franchise tax board (biz income taxes), CA Department of Industrial Relations (State Workers Comp Ins, posting requirements), CA Secretary of State (state incorporation, yearly updates), Board of Equalization (excise tax filing), Dept of Conservation (can sales filing/recycling), CA Employment Development Department (payroll tax withholding, unemployment insurance), County Health Dept (warehouse permit), local city business (license, zoning).

“Needless to say, I decided to add years to my life and got out of that business.

8:54 am on November 13, 2007