Re: Don Herbert

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Lew: I am sorry to hear of the death of “Mr. Wizard.” I used to watch his programs in the 1950s and, over the years, have regarded him – and Fred Rogers (of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”) – as head-and-shoulders above all other childrens’ programming on television. The reason? Each of them dealt with children intelligently and with respect. They appealed to reason, not rote conditioning. They and the children watching them seemed to be comfortable with one another. They both reminded me of one of my favorite childhood radio programs: “The House of Mystery,” which used “mysterious” events as an opportunity to explain simple cause-and-effect relationships to children.

Herbert’s simple experiments – using household items – were so effective in introducing children to the basics of chemistry, physics, and the other sciences.

11:15 pm on June 13, 2007