Re: Do-Gooders and Busybodies

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Laurence Vance has this good post on the guy who wants Congress to raise taxes so it can do more “good” things. Go give away your own money is Laurence’s advice to the guy. That’s perfect.

Let’s generalize it. All do-gooders should go do as much good as they want to with their own money, but not with your money or mine. All busybodies should go interfere in as many disputes as they want to and take the consequences, but they shouldn’t be allowed to drag you and me into them. Too many people want to spend your money and mine and too many want to drag you and me into their disputes. Congress is their way of doing this. Too many people are minding everyone else’s business. Too many of us do not loudly enough say “NO! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!” Too many people blur the line between the PERSON and other people, and they blur it in the name of this vague thing called “society,” and then they blur it even more by confusing society with the state. I don’t doubt that the majority of Americans thinks that it’s perfectly ok and right to do what they think is good for society by using government power. They think that’s what it’s there for. No, it’s NOT right. Mind your own business!

7:04 pm on September 28, 2011