re: David Boaz Is No Libertarian

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Walter, in his last sentence Boaz says it would be great to have Bill Clinton back in the White House — as long as there’s a Republican Congress — apparently thinking he’d end with a burst of cleverness.  Yeah, the party of Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Dick Cheney, Dub-Yuh, and the rest, the party that spent more domestically in the first Bush term than LBJ did, the party that got us involved in two unnecessary wars (apparently forever), the party that created the Fatherland Security bureaucracy, the party that cheered Greenspan as he created the housing bubble, the party of secret wiretapping, torture, and myriad other civil liberty outrages,  would be a real strike for “freedom,” Beltway “libertarian” style.

7:56 pm on January 14, 2010