Re: Criticizing the Regime Is Racist

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Lew, Wolcott looks like a madman, here. What a pathetic act. And that’s what it is – an act. These crazed, guilty-white-leftist, minority defenders still like to play the role of the anti-bully, anti-racists who are defending the world’s minorities – even when they don’t need defending! – from mobs of dangerous “whiteys” in pointy white hats. They don’t believe what they say – they just want to fit into the right circles with the right people, and this sort of thing is a part of earning membership in The Club. Maybe Wolcott was using a web-based postmodern translator to mangle Kling’s very clear statement into something recognizable only to one who wishes to play along with the rules of The Club. Perhaps we should force Mr. Kling to do what Prince Harry is doing: attending an “equality and diversity course.”

p.s. – I certainly don’t want to point readers to the comment left by Bob Murphy on Feb. 11 at 10pm – what a great thing humor is, eh?

p.p.s. – What about the 8 years of incessant criticism of the Bush regime from all of us? No particular crime there?

2:34 pm on February 12, 2009