Re: Church Bulletins and 9/11

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I previously mentioned the new Lutheran Concordia Publishing House 9/11 church bulletins. Here, from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod 1941 Prayer book is a good “At the Threat of War Prayer”:

Humbly and contritely, O Lord of heaven and earth, we come before Thee. In deep dismay we behold the strivings of the Evil One to turn the hearts of our people toward war. O Lord, Thou alone knowest the way of Thy dealing with men. Thou alone canst discern what possible good can arise from slaughter and burning, from the crime and the despair of war. And yet, heavenly Father, we would ask Thee according to Thy good will to avert this disaster. Give skill to the guidance and planning of our government to find another solution of our problem. Take away bitterness and mass hatred out of the hearts or our fellow citizens. Let not men be blinded by wrathful ignorance. Let them weigh all consequences. Grant to Thy people in our land that spirit of love and wisdom that will leaven the mind of our nation and turn it to peace. Give us the Christian courage to oppose all unnecessary bloodshed and wanton destruction of life. Lord, help! Lord, defend! In Jesus’ name! Amen.

Thanks to BH.

11:02 am on August 12, 2011