re: Celebrating Independence Day With TSA

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Regarding my post yesterday on the glories of the TSA protecting our freedom, Steve Bierfeldt writes:

As I was flying this morning, I walked through the line proudly wearing my bright orange “Ron Paul 2012″ t-shirt that I custom made (back in 2010.) You could literally see this thing from space. I was chagrined to discover two things as I “opt-ed out” for the free government approved massage.

1. The TSA agents at my airport now say, “I have to read you something,” and they have the government sanctioned speech printed out and taped to the back of their walkie-talkies. “You are deciding to opt-out at which point I must inform you that blah blah blah.” Apparently remembering the 25 word memo is too difficult.

2. Right after my public shaming of the agent loudly saying, “We have an opt-out, male assist!”, a woman right behind me opted out as well. The double dose of freedom seemed to shock the female TSA agent who wasn’t sure how to handle it. Though the woman passenger’s male partner chided her and urged her to “just be normal.” She stood firm, silently shook her head and was directed over to my spot to wait…

I gave her a high five, and she enthusiastically accepted. She was probably just as surprised as I was that another passenger was in no hurry to possibly get cancer/let a random stranger see them naked/bow to the government’s bully tactics. The look on the faces of the 15 (I counted) TSA agents who were waiting around on the 13 passengers (I counted) was absolutely priceless.

11:59 am on July 4, 2013